Our Engineering Process


An introduction and evaluation of the problem you are facing.

Initial Concepts

After identifying your needs during our discovery meeting, we’ll throw it all on the table to figure out the best way to approach your hand-crafted work of art. This is where our design team brainstorms, and puts their ideas to work. Once finished, our team will present two concepts to solve the problem at hand.


After receiving your feedback, we’ll refine the details of your concept based on efficiency of manufacturability, best user experience, and cost.


Once our engineering team addresses your feedback and revisions, we’ll present our final packaging concept. Once approved, we’ll release final dielines to you, and will proceed with Prototypes.


2-3 functional prototypes (*may include printing if artwork is provided.) Digital Dieline

*This service price does not include mold fees or tooling costs.

Our Recipe For Award-Winning Packaging


A  discovery meeting between the client (the superstar company), packaging consultant, and designers. The objective is to identify the client's goals, expectations, and establish a reference point for the design team. The client needs to provide a style guide, moodboard, or reference photos to proceed to the next phase.

Concept Moodboards

Using the client's inspiration and provided materials, the design team interprets the vision and creates concept moodboards. These moodboards showcase the creative direction for each concept. The client is given a moodboard survey to provide feedback on the intended direction.

Initial Concepts

Based on identified needs, the design team brainstorms and puts their ideas to work. They create initial concepts that may include logo designs, label concepts, or other relevant design elements. The design team then presents these concepts to the client.

Feedback & Revision

The client reviews the initial concepts and provides feedback to the design team. The client's team is given time to reach a decision on which concept they want to pursue. After receiving feedback, the design team zooms in on the details and perfects their work based on the client's input.

Final Concept/Project Approval

Once the design team addresses the client's feedback and revisions, they present the final packaging concept. This represents the finished work. If necessary, an additional round of alterations to the artwork is allowed. Once the final concept is approved, the design team releases the final dielines to the client and proceeds with either prototypes or mass production, depending on the client's needs and preferences.

It's important to note that this process can be customized and adjusted based on the specific requirements and scope of each project.

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