Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

The coffee industry is vast, spanning global markets filled with ever-evolving trends and experimental beverages. The options are limitless for consumers, which means making a name for yourself can be challenging. The very first aspect coffee shoppers see is, lo and behold, packaging. Whether it be online, on the shelf at their local grocery store, or in their favorite cafe, packaging matters. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters gave tubes a go for a few of their unique batches of beans. These offerings are premium quality, and they wanted their packaging to match.

Bird Rock's coffee is normally sold in beautiful blue bags that have become synonymous with their name. Keeping with the same brand colors and design, they gave their tubes an added flair including artwork and hidden features meant for buyers’ eyes. This added elevation gives exponential value to their specialty roasts, and only enhances their line of coffee products. A beautiful color palette, captivating artwork, and quality tube packaging gave them that desired competitive edge in order to stand out. 

The Technical Stuff

◆ Custom 2-Piece Tube with Over-Cap
◆ Rolled Edges Top & Bottom
◆ Kraft Paper Wrap + Spiral Kraft Core
◆ Matte Varnish
◆ Spot Color Pantone Printing
◆ Full Bleed Artwork

8 oz Whole Bean Coffee: 7” x 3” Inner Dimensions