EcoVault Paper-Push Button

As a company committed to innovation and sustainability, we continuously strive to enhance existing technologies and create better solutions for our customers. Our latest breakthrough is the EcoVault Paper Push-Button, a revolutionary advancement in sustainable child-resistant  technology.

While push buttons are not new, we recognized a significant flaw in their composition. Traditionally, these buttons have been made from plastic and foam, which poses sustainability issues. Determined to find a more eco-friendly alternative, we set out to develop a better solution.

The Technical Stuff

Nowave: Off-hours

◆ Container houses a disposable vape pen. Tube dimensions can be customized to work with any product category.
◆ Die-cut paper insert that holds product in place during shipping and display. Insert can be customized to any product configuration.
◆ Certified child-resistant, adult-friendly. Meets any state and national CR requirements.

Packaging: 77 mm OH x 49 mm OD
Vape Cartridge: 50 mm OH x 12 mm OD