Reusable Deodorant + Plastic-Free Refill Cartridges

Looking for a way to show environmentally-conscious customers you care? Introducing a 100% recyclable, refillable alternative to wasteful plastic deodorant tubes. Our completely customizable case is durable enough to withstand the most rigorous lifestyle. Whether your customer is tossing it in the gym bag daily, traveling, or simply stowing it in the medicine cabinet, our high-quality, eco-friendly paper tube is your best alternative to single-use plastic beauty/cosmetics/personal care containers.

The Technical Stuff

Reusable Deodorant + Plastic Free Refill Cartridges Specs

◆ Containers houses a 2 oz. paper cartridge
◆ Cartridge can be produced in PP, ABS, PHA, and any other injection-molded material
Case: 118 mm OH x 54 mm OD
2 oz. Cartridge: 69 mm OH x 42 mm OD