Talnua Distillery

Presenting premium packaging bred to match the authenticity of the traditional Gaelic spirits produced by Talnua Distillery. Designed and developed to match the colors and embellishments of their existing bottle labels. The level of consistency results in a wholesome and professional unboxing experience. The precise spot color printing and delicate foil stamping make it impossible not to want pick up this product. Mission accomplished!

The Technical Stuff

Folding Retail Box

◆ Tuck Top, Auto Bottom
◆ 700gsm White Coated Paper
◆ Matte Lamination
◆ Full Bleed Artwork
◆ Metallic Pantone Colors

Paper Tubes

◆ Custom 3-Piece Tubes with Visible Lip
◆ Rolled Edges
◆ White Uncoated Paper Wrap + Spiral Black Core
◆ Matte Varnish
◆ Full Bleed Artwork
◆ Metallic Pantone Colors
◆ Gold Foil Stamping