Wildflower Caramel Co.

Handmade products are a special category of goods. These products are often personal to the creators and their packaging usually has just as much heart. Keeping with the theme of their homestyle nature, Wildflower Caramels went with a traditional kraft, ready-made tube. Screen printing their logo on the cap, the design of their packaging exudes a feel-good attitude that coincides with their market.

Ready-made tubes and screen printing are great options for brands with smaller batches of product, offering the chance to customize but with a lower minimum and cost. With the addition of a label, Wildflower’s finished product fits in seamlessly with the rest of their existing collection. Having initially started with bags, they wanted to add tubes as a premium gift option for their most popular selection of caramels. This simple touch of tube packaging elevates their individually-wrapped treats into the perfect gift, with no wrapping necessary. 

The Technical Stuff

◆ Ready-Made 3-Piece Tube with Flush-Fit Cap
◆ Rolled Edges Top & Bottom
◆ Kraft Paper Wrap + Spiral Kraft Core
◆ Black Uncoated Discs, Lip & Inside
◆ 4" x 3" Inner Dimensions
◆ Black Screen Printing
◆ Printed Label

12 Individually Wrapped Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt Caramels