LIMITED EDITION - 6.7" x 5.4" Paper Tube - White

Price Breaks 1+ Cartons
Per Carton $80.00 USD
Per Tube $2.50 USD
Price Breaks Per Carton Per Tube
1 Carton $80.00 USD $2.50 USD
800 tubes available
Total $5.00

Need sealing labels?

Round Clear Labels, 25mm, Perforated (Roll of 1000)
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View product details
  • Our ready-made paper tubes are a perfect retail packaging companion for your products. Add printing or full-color custom labels bearing your branding and ensure that your product gets noticed on the store shelf, at your shop, and in your customers' mailbox. Use these customized 3-piece telescoping paper cylinders to coordinate with your eco-conscious business marketing campaign and your company will make a big impression.

    Made using FSC certified, recycled, compostable, and naturally biodegradable materials. Plastic-free. Recyclable and reusable. Food-contact safe.

    This is a LIMITED EDITION run. Once they're gone, they're gone. Ideal for packaging large candle vessels, handmade gifts, and whatever your twisted little heart desires.

  • Outer Dims
    • Outer Height: 186mm (7.32")
    • Outer Diameter: 144mm (5.66")
    • Cap Height: 138mm (5.43")
    • Base Height: 48mm (1.88")
    • Lip Height: 40mm (1.57")
    • Outer Circumference: 452.3mm (17.8")
    Inner Dims
    • Estimated Inner Height: 171mm (6.7")
    • Inner Diameter: 138mm (5.4")
    • Inner Height to the Top of the Lip: 80mm (3.14")
    Packing Details
    • Quantity per Carton: 32 pcs
    • Carton Dims: 59cm (24") x 59cm (24") x 40cm (16")
    • Carton Gross Weight: 6.5kg (14.5 lbs)
    Material Specs
    • Paper Specs: White uncoated outside, white lip, inside, and core
    • Inner Lining: None