Apollo Candles New York: A Journey of Scented Elegance and Sustainable Packaging

by Paper Tube Co. October 03, 2023

Apollo Candles seamlessly weaves the rich tapestry of Italian heritage, and sustainability into the fabric of their brand. Together, we crafted packaging that elevates and complements their offerings.

The story of Apollo Candles New York begins with James Napoli's mission for a meaningful connection to his Italian roots. Inspired by his family's immigrant history, James sought to bridge the gap by crafting scents that conjured memories of the of Italian landscapes.  Concerned about the environmental impact of single-use candles, he dedicated himself to sourcing sustainable ingredients and reusable vessels for his candles. The culmination of his passion for luxury candles, family heritage, and environmental consciousness gave rise to Apollo Candles New York in 2021.

At the heart of Apollo Candles lies a deep commitment to sustainability and minimizing their impact on the environment. From their fragrance selection to their reusable vessel design, every aspect is thoughtfully curated. To maintain a luxury unboxing experience, Apollo Candles collaborated with the Paper Tube Co to create packaging that beautifully complements their brand.

Apollo Candles' partnership with Riedel, a renowned glassware brand, ensures that their vessels are of the highest quality and designed to be repurposed as drinking glasses after the candle's intended life has been fulfilled. The paper tube packaging, with its rich, brilliant red base and fine gold foil details, captures the essence of the candle and flame.

From an engineering perspective, our packaging's sturdy design protects the candles during shipping, preventing damage and ensuring that each piece arrives in pristine condition. Beyond the functionality, the collaboration with Paper Tube Co. allowed Apollo Candles to infuse their packaging with unique branding elements, setting them apart on the shelves and captivating discerning customers. Their commitment to sustainability, dedication to crafting memorable scents, and their passion for excellence sets them on a trajectory towards success.

"I have personally *loved* my entire experience working with the Paper Tube Co. We've worked with a few different printers and struggled to find the right partner. Everything with Paper Tube Co from their initial pitch to production was seamless and I appreciated their input and POV along the way."

—James Napoli, Founder, Apollo Candles

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The Technical Stuff

    • Custom 3-Piece Tube
      • Rolled Edges Top & Bottom
      • White Inside Wrap
      • White Coated Paper
      • Matte Lamination
      • Spot Color Printing
      • Gold Foil Stamping
    • Custom Corrugated Mailer
      • White Coated Interior Paper
      • Kraft Uncoated Exterior Paper
      • CMKY + Spot Color Printing


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