The Chocolate Room : So Much More Than a Box of Chocolates

by David Molo May 29, 2024

In the dynamic world of bespoke packaging, our goal has always been about more than just crafting a container; we aim to create an experience. This philosophy found a perfect match in our collaboration with The Chocolate Room, a Brooklyn-based haven for chocolate enthusiasts. Founded by Naomi Josepher and her husband, Jon, in 2005, their café was created as a place where dessert was the main attraction. “We felt dessert was often a disappointment in many restaurants, so we wanted to create a place for people to indulge in the most extraordinary chocolate, ice cream, and desserts,” explains Naomi. “We find that chocolate brings people together, promoting invaluable moments of enjoyment. We’re super proud, honored, and grateful to be in business, witnessing the smiles on our customers’ faces every day.” When they came to The Paper Tube Co. looking for a packaging solution for their Signature Chocolates, Naomi and Jon’s passion struck a chord, echoing our belief in the power of packaging to elevate a brand’s narrative.

The Chocolate Room’s packaging challenge aligned perfectly with our ethos—to create eco-friendly, innovative packaging that protects the delicate products inside while providing a delightful unboxing experience without unnecessary waste. In this case, a paper tube wasn’t suitable, so our team focused their creativity on actual boxes. Naomi’s requirements were specific. “We were looking for clean, simple, fun, yet elegant packaging that represented our product and brand well,” she recalls. “We wanted our box of chocolates to reflect the amazingly beautiful and delicious product it presents, our handcrafted bonbons. It was important to us that it felt special when you held it and that it sparked a curiosity that would make the recipient feel compelled to open it. Once opened, we knew we wanted the experience to be a celebration of fun and adventure!”


Understanding the task at hand, The Paper Tube Co., experts in structural engineering, was ready for the challenge. The process for The Chocolate Room’s Signature Chocolates box was a journey of innovation and creativity. We took inspiration from Naomi’s dedication to creativity and community, traits that have been the cornerstone of their café since its inception. “We wanted to create a space where chocolate wasn’t just a treat but an experience,” Naomi reminisces about their early days. This insight was pivotal in our brainstorming process, leading us to create a packaging solution that was so much more than a box; it was a representation of The Chocolate Room’s brand identity—sophisticated yet playful—embodying the joy that Naomi and Jon bring to their customers.

Upon seeing the final iteration, Naomi was thrilled. “We love it! It’s beautiful in design. It’s simple, fun, and yet very sophisticated. And we love that it presents our product as the main feature. There is a balance between the packaging and the product. We appreciate that the packaging doesn’t overwhelm the product but truly presents it well.”


Looking ahead, The Chocolate Room is ready for growth, set to expand online sales to reach even more customers across the country while establishing additional retail outlets. We know The Paper Tube Co. packaging will play a crucial role in this growth. “We’re ready to bring more chocolate to more cities,” Naomi shares, excited about the future and the role of their new packaging in this expansion.

Our journey with The Chocolate Room reflects our commitment to providing unique, sustainable packaging solutions. We believe in the power of packaging to tell a story, elevate a brand, and connect with customers in fun, creative ways that leave an impression. 


More than Paper Tubes
At The Paper Tube Co., we love helping unique products stand out in a crowded marketplace. If you’re ready to elevate your customer’s unboxing experience with eco-friendly custom-designed packaging that gets attention, our creative team is ready to help. Together, we’ll design high-quality branded tubes, boxes, and more that command attention and keep loyal customers coming back for more. 

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“The customer service has been extraordinary. We feel the team has communicated and worked with us to the highest standards. It's been a pleasure working together with the whole team. We feel like they are an extension of our own company, and a true partner to help us achieve our best.”
Naomi Josepher, Founder The Chocolate Room


The Technical Stuff

  • Custom 3-Piece Tube
    • Rolled Edges Top & Bottom
    • White Inside Wrap
    • White Coated Paper
    • Matte Lamination
    • CMYK Printing
  • Cigar Box + Sleeve
    • Chocolate Pad
    • Chocolate Tray Insert
    • White Coated Interior Paper
    • White Coated Exterior Paper
    • Matte Lamination
    • CMKY Printing
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