By The Graces: Packaging That Grows With Your Business

by David Molo April 03, 2024

On the entrepreneurial journey, sometimes the most extraordinary stories begin in the most ordinary settings. For By the Graces, a family business born out of quarantine creativity in 2020, this certainly holds true as founders Lauren and Adam Grace turned a period of global uncertainty into an opportunity for joy and innovation. When Lauren, a teacher, started crafting personalized items popular among school staff, such as lanyards and wristlets, they were initially intended just for personal use. Her inspiration stemmed from simple necessity. “Teachers are often required to wear badges to school every day, and the dull, traditional lanyards just didn’t reflect my style,” she explains. However, their unique appeal quickly caught on, and soon co-workers clamored for Lauren’s fun, personalized lanyards as her hobby blossomed. Adam began listing the lanyards on Etsy, and By the Graces grew into a thriving online business.

As demand increased across the country, growth provided challenges for the new business, as the pair explored how to package their diverse range of products. They wanted to be sure their badge reels, lanyards, and keychains would be delivered to online customers in a way that reflected the evolving brand. “Although customers loved the existing packaging, we eventually realized it no longer mirrored the brand we were growing into,” explains Lauren. They needed a packaging solution that not only represented their brand’s playful and vibrant spirit but also stood out in a saturated market. Additionally, with a portion of every sale donated to teachers in need, they required a responsible packaging choice, aligning with their mission-driven ethos. “We were ready to step up the unboxing experience for our customers and also needed packaging that would stand out on a retail shelf,” says Lauren. “Most importantly, we needed a single vessel that was affordable and could work for all of our products to minimize complexity.”

The design process was collaborative, and we worked closely with Lauren and Adam, ensuring every detail echoed their brand’s identity. The fun, colorful style of the brand needed to be primary in the final design. Since most of their products incorporate beads in a variety of shapes, we were able to use them as a sneak peek of what lies inside every tube. We also employed the small four-pointed star from their logo as a touchpoint. “We love that the star has escaped the bounds of our logo and shines in various places on our packaging,” states Lauren.


Now that their packaging problems have been solved, the biggest challenge facing By the Graces is knockoffs. “Our products are often imitated, but what sets us apart is that everything is proudly made right here in the USA,” says Adam. Their high-quality, durable products are crafted by hand in their Oxford, MS, studio. Every item is personalized for free and ships out within one business day. “We work extremely hard to source the very best materials and ensure our products will last for years to come,” Adam explains. “Most importantly, though, we’re extremely proud of our efforts to support teachers and the steps they take each day to shape our shared future. Which is why a portion of every sale is donated directly to a teacher in need via DonorsChoose.”

Looking ahead, By the Graces is poised for expansion. “Our all-new packaging is rolling out across various channels, and we’re excited to see our products on retail shelves,” Adam reveals. Their vision for the future includes expanding their product line to serve a wider audience.

More than Paper Tubes

At The Paper Tube Co., we’re passionate about bringing our customers’ visions to life through packaging that's as remarkable as the product it contains. If you’re ready to elevate your brand with custom-designed packaging that gets attention, our creative team is ready to help. Together, we’ll design high-quality branded tubes, boxes, and more that command attention and keep loyal customers coming back for more. 

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“Working with the entire Paper Tube Co. team has been a true pleasure. They took our brand and ideas and brought the perfect packaging to life. We only regret that we didn't pull the trigger to work with them sooner.”
– Lauren Grace, Co-Founder of By the Graces


The Technical Stuff

Custom 2-Piece Tube

    • Rolled Edge Top & Bottom
    • White Inside Wrap
    • White Coated Paper
    • Matte Lamination
    • Offset Printing


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