Artwork Submission Checklist

by Ricardo Gomez February 11, 2020

You’ve received a dieline from your packaging consultant, gotten your artwork set up and are ready to submit. We have put together this production checklist for you to look over before final submission. If you are working with a designer on your project, please provide them the checklist to ensure they know about artwork requirements.

All artwork should be supplied in PDF or Adobe Illustrator AI format.

Each artwork variation or product SKU should be saved as a separate file.

Artwork Is placed on the original dieline that was provided, please do not make changes to tube dimensions.

All fonts have been converted to outlines to prevent text from being replaced with a different font.

Important artwork is within the grey safety guidelines.

Artwork that is intended to extend past the rolled edges extends through the indicated red bleed lines. The same goes for artwork on the lip.

Externally linked content is embedded that so all graphics are provided in a single file. All non-photo-based elements should be vectorized.

All photo-based elements should be at least 300 dpi in resolution.

Pantone colors are called out via swatches.

White ink on non-white paper has been called out using a swatch.

Separate layers for different customization options have been created. (PRINTING: place all printed elements here; FOIL: place all foil elements here; SPOT UV: place all spot UV elements here, etc.)

Appropriate swatches from the legend have been used to indicate customization options.

Make sure to delete unused design elements, guides, or layers.

Save the file using Adobe Illustrator default settings.

We recommend you print out the artwork on your home printer to reconfirm you’re happy with the layout.
Here’s a printable version of the checklist that we’ve put together for you. Feel free to download it and use it alongside your artwork. If you have any questions or issues with your artwork, please contact your packaging consultant.





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