Beauty & Complexity In Every Cup

by Paper Tube Co. March 18, 2022

Full-time engineers Zach and Sarah Hartke love coffee—a lot. But they never dreamed a casual invite to a cupping (coffee-speak for tasting) at their local coffee shop would lead them to start a coffee roastery. But as soon as the coffee flavor floodgates opened, Zach and Sarah were hooked and Wilderbloom Coffee Roasters began to take shape. When their passion project took off in 2020, they knew a distinctive brand identity would be required to help their product rise to the top in a busy, bustling marketplace.

The History

“As specialty coffee roasters, our coffee is carefully grown by incredibly talented farmers, sourced by ethical distributors, and precisely roasted by us in Tempe, Arizona,” says Zach. As single-origin coffees, Wilderbloom Coffee beans reflect the climate, farming practices, and soil conditions of the growing region. “Each product has such a unique flavor profile and we love to name and describe them in relatable ways. We pair each of our coffees with a memory or experience of our own to describe the taste and make it more approachable for our customers.” 

“A seemingly insignificant moment at the start of each day, a cup of coffee often means so much to so many people,” says Sarah. “A moment of calm before the day starts. Special time shared with loved ones around the kitchen table. What we drink when we’re catching up with an old friend. A place of comfort when life becomes hectic. Humbly, we wanted to provide these small and important moments in people’s lives.”

The Challenge

“Currently, our biggest challenge as an eCommerce business is reaching new customers,” explains Sarah. “We wanted to be sure to create packaging that was intriguing, adventurous, and beautiful, so it would stand out as we expanded to retail stores as well.” As in many emerging markets, sustainability is also a priority. Discerning customers demand environmentally-friendly products, and globally conscious business owners are aware that the decisions they make have an impact. 

“We wanted our packaging to have as small of a carbon footprint as possible,” says Zach. The duo even wanted to be sure the name they chose reflected the ethos of the brand. “The ‘wilder’part of our name stems from ‘wilderness,’ which we value and want to protect in any way we can,” explains Zach. “And we really wanted packaging that would jump off the shelf. Unique, beautiful, but also something that could also be found outdoors.” The name Wilderbloom came directly from the creativity and expression of its owners, so naturally, the packaging would need to do the same. 

The Solution

Before finding Paper Tube Co., Zach and Sarah relied on traditional stock plastic gusset bags used by most coffee roasters. “As Wilderbloom grew, we started looking into customized packaging options. After considering custom printed gusset bags, custom paper boxes, and custom tubes, we chose Paper Tube Co. for three reasons,” says Sarah.

  1. Sample Pack—This was very impressive. We could immediately see all of the possibilities available to us.
  2. Previous Projects—We fell in love with their client base and could immediately see Wilderbloom fitting in as well.
  3. Customer Service—They went above and beyond to answer our questions and be sure we understood the process.

Wilderbloom Coffee paper tubes feature foliage in fun, natural colors reflecting the simple, magical beauty of the natural world. Hidden within the illustration on each tube is an Easter egg of copy,  (Adventure is in here)  playfully inviting customers to seek out the adventure within each tube.

“We love that our packaging feels 100% like Wilderbloom,” remarks Zach and Sarah. “The paper tubes have a nice, smooth texture while maintaining a satisfying weight and sturdiness. They feel good in your hand and the two components (top and bottom) fit together perfectly. The final design printed wonderfully on the tubes, which is so very important!”

“Paper Tube Co. has been an incredible partner to work with. They are detail-oriented, responsive, and timely. The few times there were unexpected issues or delays, we were notified immediately and given a variety of options to proceed. They are professional and friendly, and we had a great experience with them!”
–Zach and Sarah Hartke, founders, Wilderbloom Coffee Roasters

The Technical Stuff:

  • Custom 2-Piece Tube With a Straight Edge Lip
  • Rolled Edges Top, and Bottom
  • Straight Edge Lip
  • White Paper + Spiral Kraft Core + Hand Wrapped Lip
  • Matte Varnish Finish
  • Offset CMYK Printing
  • Full Bleed Artwork
  • Whole Bean Coffee
  • Assorted Adhesive Labels for Individual SKUS
  • 180mm Outside Height x 83mm Inner Diameter


    According to  a report by Adroit Market Research, the specialty coffee market is on track to hit $83.5 billion by 2025.
    Driven by increasing consumer demand for fresh, flavorful coffee, the coffee bean roasting industry is projected to grow 6.3% by 2026.
    Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, fresh-roasted coffee is the preferred choice of coffee connoisseurs looking for a single-origin, farm-to-cup sipping experience.
    Traceable and usually of a higher-quality, single-origin coffee refers to coffee beans sourced from a single producer, crop, or region in one country.

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