Between Two Tubes: Q & A with Drew Henry, Founder of Revival Tea Company

by David Molo August 20, 2020

How did you land in this industry?

After years of researching and getting ready to open a Whiskey Distillery including several trips to Ireland we shifted into opening a very unique Tea Business. We wanted to do something where we could use the knowledge we gained from that research and time and tea was the perfect fit. It was something we were already drinking several cups of a day, and we soon found out tea was the #2 consumed beverage in the world (behind water)!

What inspired you to start your business?

I opened up my first company when I was 18 years old (a video production company) and had been searching for the next venture since I had sold that business at the age of 20. We wanted to create more of a community than a company, with a brand and message our customers could not only get behind but be a big part of.

photo by @revivalteacompany


What challenges or problems do you most often face in your industry?

Tea is one of the oldest drank beverages in the world. There is this stigma of this tea culture with tea and crumpets and pinkies up. We wanted nothing to do with that! Tea doesn’t have to be a boring barely flavored water that your grandmother makes you when you come over (No offense grams). We asked why can’t tea be bold and exciting? Why can’t a tea company partner with kick ass bands and individuals and completely change the idea of this 18th century tea culture? That’s what we are trying to create.

In your opinion, what makes your business and/or product unique?

We took a lot of our branding from the Whiskey Industry. We wanted to make tea cool again. Your brand and logo can be great but the product inside needs to match that same feel. We wanted a spicy bold tea that right when you opened it up matched the look that came from the brand and canister. We put 9 all natural ingredients into the Chai with the final one being  locally sourced honey to make that perfect taste of not too spicy and not too sweet. It’s a very unique cup of tea.


photo by @revivalteacompany


Where do you see yourself and your business going in the future?

After launching at we expanded onto Amazon andlaunched our Wholesale division into cafes and grocery stores. This year we will be doing popup shops all throughout the Pacific Northwest. We also have plans to open our first Revival Tea Company Retail location in 2020. We are looking to create a very unique retail experience that really mirrors the brand and this new age tea culture we are disrupting the industry with. We plan to take this model and use it to expand our locations across the west coast and eventually all over the U.S. where you’ll be able to walk into a Revival Tea Co. in any city. 

If you weren't in this industry, what do you think you'd be doing today?

My love has always been Sports and Music. I did sales for a long time but my passions have always been in those two areas. When I was a kid I wanted to be a Sports agent so who knows I’d probably be representing athletes or musicians. Thank god I found tea.

And while we’re here, anything else you’d like to say about yourself and/or your business?

Just that if anyone reading this is thinking about taking a leap of faith and starting their own venture, do it! We need more entrepreneurs who want to leave a lasting mark on the world and need the leaders of the next generation to get out of that 9-5 mentality and back to creating things and making things happen! 

photo by @Revival Tea Co.