Blair + Jack: Putting their Best Face Forward

by Paper Tube Co. July 29, 2022

In health and beauty, first impressions are paramount. Before ever using your product, your customer’s first touchpoint will be the packaging you choose. An eye-catching design and a distinctive shape that stands out on the shelf are a given. And with increasing awareness about the environmental consequences of excessive plastic use, sustainable packaging is a must.

When it came time to upgrade packaging for her men’s skincare line, Blair + Jack, reconstructive surgeon and entrepreneur Bimpe Ayeni applied the same tenacious, learn-as-you-go attitude as when she began the business. “When we first started out, we did as much field research as possible, walking the aisles of drug stores to see which designs spoke to us,” explains Ayeni. “We knew we wanted a light, bright color palette, something sophisticated that would sit differently on the shelf.”


The Challenge 

Naming her men’s skincare line after her young twins, Blair and Jack, made the business quite personal for Ayeni. “We launched with a square box,” says Ayeni. “I designed the original with an unexpected pop of color which was visible upon opening. We knew we’d carry this fun twist over into the new design, and we were ready to really elevate the experience for customers by moving beyond a predictable shape.” As the original box inventory dwindled, Bimpe continued her search for packaging that felt just right.

“As a consumer, I appreciate when a company takes the time to think of everything,” asserts Ayeni. “This level of care and attention to detail really shows—I love that.” While the packaging search continued, responsibility and sustainability rose to the top as values Blair + Jack would embody as the brand grew. “Naming the brand after our children raises the bar on every decision we make about the business. We care for this brand just like our family.”

Run-of-the-mill packaging that would end up in the recycling bin or the landfill wouldn’t make the cut. Ayeni knew the new packaging would need to be environmentally responsible and reusable if possible, which led her to the Paper Tube Co.

The Solution

Bimpe Ayeni is a problem solver, helping her patients improve their lives with plastic and reconstructive surgery, which is what ultimately began her entrepreneurial journey. Her husband’s struggle with shaving bumps was the impetus for Blair + Jack’s skincare line, which helps men put their best faces forward. Once she created a formula that actually worked, she was confident that a solutions-based mindset would help a cohesive brand identity come together as well. “We wanted to work with a packaging company that could create custom designs and scale with us as we grew,” explains Ayeni. “In addition to an attention-grabbing shape, we also needed the package to be durable enough to prevent damage or spillage of the product.”

“Ricardo interpreted our vision beautifully and nailed it on the first draft. It was amazing to work with a skilled team who not only gave us great advice but as newbie entrepreneurs, helped us anticipate what we didn’t know.”
–Bimpe Ayeni, founder Blair + Jack

Completely satisfied with not only the final outcome but also with the entire design process, Ayeni found her tubes to be the perfect adornment for the skincare products she has worked so hard to bring to market. “Everyone at the Paper Tube Co. was so wonderful to work with,” says Ayeni. “Peggy took our samples and brought us up to a much higher level of sophistication. I even had to Google some of the terms she was using to describe how we would get to the final product,” she laughs. “We love how our tube stands out in the crowded skincare marketplace. I love the hidden motivational messages on each package and especially love the pop of color you see when the tube is opened.”

Bimpe Ayeni’s Advice for New Entrepreneurs

  1. Work with people who know more than you. They’ll be your biggest allies.
  2. Find individuals who see your vision and understand your brand.
  3. Seek out honest feedback from people who’ll tell you how to be better.
  4. Work with designers who’ll show you lots of examples and have the patience to go through revisions.

    The Icing on the Cake

    Because Blair + Jack’s paper tubes are not only beautiful to look at but also high-quality and designed to last, Ayeni is pleased to know customers will be able to easily repurpose them for a variety of uses. “At home, we use them as pencil holders and for make-up brush storage,” she reveals. Knowing they have made an environmentally responsible choice is like the icing on the cake. “It’s such a wonderful feeling to be so proud of the quality of our products, to love our packaging so wholeheartedly, and then to get such positive feedback from customers immediately. We’re grateful,” says Ayeni.

    It’s clear Blair + Jack are looking forward to a bright future. “We want to become a household name for men looking for gentle and effective skincare solutions and one day, we hope to expand into retail stores as well.”

    “Excellent experience! The team was very approachable and quick to respond. They also understood the challenges of starting a small business during a pandemic.”
    –Bimpe Ayeni, founder Blair + Jack

    The Technical Stuff:

    • Custom 3-Piece Tubes
    • Rolled Edges Top & Bottom
    • Spiral White Core & Inside Wrap
    • White Coated Paper
    • Matte Lamination
    • Spot Color Printing
    • Full Bleed Artwork
    98mm Outside Height x 51mm Inner Diameter
    98mm Outside Height x 51mm Inner Diameter
    113mm Outside Height x 51mm Inner Diameter
    198mm Outside Height x 63mm Inner Diameter


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