Between Two Tubes: Q & A with Tammy Kraemer, Co-Owner of Blocki Perfume Co.

by David Molo January 31, 2020

What inspired you to start your business?

After falling in love with fragrance ingredients on the distribution side, we knew someday we wanted to revive the Blocki family perfumery. Plus, the history was way too cool to keep in a box (no pun intended). There is an endless supply of inspiration. As the niche and artisan perfume movement began growing exponentially, we realized it was time.

What challenges or problems do you most often face in your industry? 

Same as any small business with a physical product: sourcing high quality materials at a good price and in a low quantity. Thank you, Paper Tube Co., for helping on this one.

Specific to our industry: reaching our customer and getting our message heard over the thousands of new perfume launches every year. I know bloggers who tested 700 perfumes last year, that is a lot of noise.


photo by Blocki @blockiperfumes


In your opinion, what makes your business and/or product unique?

I believe we are the only historic American perfumery that is owned and operated by the original family. The few 1800s era perfume and cosmetics makers that are still around are owned by outside investors or people that grabbed the trademark.

We source our ingredients from an American family-owned fragrance house that has been in the industry for over six decades and shares our concern for sustainable ingredients. All of the perfumers we’ve worked with are Americans. We’re not closed to working with non-American perfumers but since John Blocki worked so diligently to grow and promote the American fragrance industry from its beginning, we thought it was the right place for us to start.


photo by Blocki @blockiperfumes


Where do you see yourself and your business going in the future?

The good news is that Blocki has much broader appeal than we ever imagined. The challenge is that our first three fragrances were created for a niche of vintage fragrance lovers. To this group they are clearly modern renditions of vintage but to everyone else they are very retro. We attracted a lot of customers that love the authentic heritage but wanted thoroughly modern fragrances and were frustrated that we didn’t have anything for them. Two new ones are launching this year that are a step in that direction. At one time Blocki had a full range of cosmetics and personal care products in addition to fragrances, so the sky's the limit.


 photo by Blocki @blockiperfumes


And while we’re here, anything else you’d like to say about yourself and/or your business?

Since you are near Chicagofun fact, the Blockis made a bid to buy the Cubs in 1914 and we have Fred Blocki’s American League pass. There is a challenge; creating a fragrance that smells like a ball game.


The Technical Stuff

◆ Custom 3-Piece Tube with Flush-Fit Cap
◆ Rolled Edges Top & Bottom

◆ White Uncoated Paper Wrap + Spiral Kraft Core & White Inside
◆ Matte Varnish Finish
◆ Spot Color Pantone Printing + White Foil Stamping + Deboss
◆ Die-Cut EVA Foam Insert
EAU DE PARFUM: 4.13” x 1.37” Inner Dimensions
◆ 10 ml Glass Spray Bottle

About Blocki Perfume Co.

When John Blocki began making perfumes in 1865 the American perfume industry was in its infancy. Blocki's fragrances—and his signature presentation, a real flower preserved in each bottle—captured the imagination of a new American aristocracy, one that longed to put its own imprint on luxury. The extensive fragrance and cosmetic business that resulted ran until 1950 and ended with his recognition as a pioneer American perfumer. In returning to the family’s perfumery roots, Blocki fragrances stray from original formulas to tell the true stories behind the brand and its history. Sustainable ingredients like Texas and Virginia cedar and Haitian vetiver echo the family's conservationist spirit and dedication to ingredients of extraordinary quality.  Blocki perfumes are certified by Leaping Bunny for being cruelty-free and do not contain animal products, parabens, phthalates, or artificial colors. Just the bloom and delight of nature, held still in glass, for a modern imagination.

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