Between Two Tubes: Q & A with Lindsey Rollings, Owner of Butter + Whisk

by David Molo April 16, 2020



How did you land in this industry?

I am self taught edible artist walking in my purpose to bring joy one sweet at a time.


What inspired you to work in this business?

Food is truly love for me. Creating and serving others through food is my love language. I think some of the greatest moments in life are shared around a table.


What challenges or problems do you most often face in your industry?

Exposure. Being seen.


In your opinion, what makes your business and/or product unique?

My goal is to help parents gather in the kitchen with their little chef and bake sweet memories! Our products allow them to make their own bakery-quality cookies, cupcakes, cake, fudge and so much more with ease. Quality ingredients pre-measured and shipped to their door every month.

photo by Butter & Whisk  @butterandwhiskco
What were your primary objectives in choosing paper tube packaging?

Elevated branding and quality. 


What other types of packaging have you used or evaluated, and why did you go with paper tubes?

The quality of the tubes and the incredible customer service is why I chose you. 

photo by Butter & Whisk  @butterandwhiskco


If you weren't in this industry, what do you think you'd be doing today?


photo by Butter & Whisk  @butterandwhiskco


And while we’re here, anything else you’d like to say about yourself, your business, and/or your new tube packaging?

I often see accounts collage their most popular posts of the year, but the more I thought about it one cake stood out more in my mind & in my heart than any other. Not because it was my most popular post, my most liked photo or even the photo that received the most comments. One cake… a very special cake.

It was an order that carried more weight than I ever imagined. A weight I would carry for several weeks as I worked through the details of the design. I was in a season of doubt, a season of lost direction and I prayed fervently for guidance for my business.

Maybe it was the fact that he was able to wear his uniform again after all those years. Glass raised in pure joy. Maybe it was the thrill and excitement in his eyes when he saw the cake, his wife had secretly ordered, for the very first time. It could have been the friends & family that had traveled from near and far to surround him with love on his birthday. Maybe it was the tears that stained my face as I painted every honor that adorned his chest. Or maybe just maybe it was the moment we walked towards the car, cake in hand, placing it inside with more care than ever before that I realized ‘its not just a cake.’ Whatever it was, I walked back to the house as she drove away. Slowly sitting down on my kitchen floor completely, utterly & wholeheartedly honored that sharing in these moments is my job. And the blessing of telling their stories is a huge part of mine.

I found myself in tears every single time I thought about the design of the cake, the man it would be created for or his beautiful wife & children. A cake for a gentleman I would never have the privilege of meeting.

If I had to sum up my year in one photo or give it one word, it would be this story, that moment, and this word… PURPOSE. The photo I received weeks later of him and his cake sits proudly in my office. A constant reminder of my purpose.

This is what sets my soul on fire!


photo by Butter & Whisk  @butterandwhiskco


The Technical Stuff

◆ Custom 3-Piece Tube with Flush-Fit Cap
◆ Rolled Edges Top & Bottom
◆ White Coated Paper Wrap + Spiral White Core
◆ Matte Lamination
◆ CMYK Printing + Spot UV
◆ Full Bleed Artwork
Baking Kit: 8.46" x 3.82" Inner Diameter
◆ Loose Ingredients or Varied Size and Shape

About Butter + Whisk Co.

Lindsey Rollings always felt her true calling was in leading and inspiring others. After a 13 year corporate career that took her places never imagined possible, in 2016 Lindsey left the corporate world to follow her dreams and turn passions into a new career. A new path. A new way to lead and inspire others. Staying true to her roots and the words "Fearfully and wonderfully made", Simply Cupcakes was born. "Simply" inspired by Lindsey’s family roots of farm to table. Lindsey takes great pride in partnering with local farmers in her home town to create the highest quality products.

In 2018, the company evolved to Butter + Whisk offering a sweet expanded menu. While cupcakes remain the heart of the business because of course that’s where it all began, you can now also enjoy beautifully crafted & farm fresh cakes, pies, cake pops & cookies.


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