Can You Candle It?

by Paper Tube Co. September 01, 2021

Cabinite founders Joash Cooley & Kevin Cabaniss are just about as passionate about making candles as they are about sustainable business practices. With the belief that small actions build to create monumental change, Kevin and the entire Cabinite team are committed to eco-friendly, recyclable, compostable, zero-waste products and packaging whenever possible. Kevin explains, “From seeded-paper dust covers to compostable labeling, net-zero shipping, and coconut/apricot wax, we strive to be the most eco-conscious candle company around.”

When it was time to choose packaging, Kevin knew that in addition to design and scale, an earth-friendly option was the priority. Frustrated by the waste created by so many other candles on the market today, Cabinite set out to create a high-quality product with a lighter footprint. Their porcelain enamel product line includes a 60s retro-camping-vibe mug that is food safe and lasts forever. Customers can send it back over and over for a candle wax refill or stick it in the freezer overnight, pop out the wax, wash with soap and water, and reuse the container as their favorite mug. 

photo by: @cabinite

“We love the quality of our paper tubes,” explains Kevin. “They are so well made.” According to Kevin, the branding and design were inspired by mid-century modern wallpaper, with design elements that match the classic vibe of their candles. Currently working on attracting big-box retailers, this candle company is going places.

"The team was excellent from start to finish. I'm fully aware that I'm a difficult client and I ask a lot of my team. The Paper Tube Co. really pulled through.”
–Kevin Cabaniss, Cabinite
The Technical Stuff:
  • Custom 2-Piece Tube With Flush Fit Cap
  • Rolled Edges Top & Bottom
  • Straight Edge Base
  • Spiral Kraft Core & Inside Wrap
  • White Uncoated Paper
  • Matte Varnish
  • CMYK Printing
  • Emboss & Deboss
  • Full Bleed Artwork
  • Paper Stopper for an Exposed Candle When Cap is Lifted 
  • Paper Insert with a 40mm diecut
  • 132mm Outside Height x 85mm Inner Diameter