Crystal-Infused Candles For Wellness and Balance

by Paper Tube Co. April 12, 2021

Dr. Liz Lehman was a busy physician, wife, and mother of two daughters when an unexpected injury forced her to slow down and be still. Looking for a hobby that could keep her hands busy while her body recovered, Liz ordered a candle-making kit. While researching the process, she was shocked to discover that the beautifully scented candles she’d been burning in her home for decades often contained toxic chemicals and heavy metals. Determined to find a healthier alternative, Liz set out on a life—and career—changing journey. In 2017 Aluminate Life was born.

The company has since outgrown her kitchen-based operation; the candles, diffusers, and essential oil vials and roller balls are now made in a lab adjacent to her home. Candles are made with non-GMO, sustainably harvested coconut wax and are infused with essential oils and crystals known for their healing properties. “I wanted to create a product with a purpose by connecting the therapeutic benefits of scent with the healing powers of crystals,” says Dr. Lehman.

Aluminate Life Crystal Tube
photo by @aluminatelife

Paper Tube Co. packaging was the perfect choice when it came time to align the brand with its holistic vision. The elegant, eye-catching design protects the fragile contents and provides customers with a reusable, recyclable container for gifts or to display pencils or makeup brushes. “I love everything about this packaging,” explains Dr. Lehman. “I get so many compliments from customers on the look on the shelf and out of the box.”

Aluminate Life Roller
photo by @aluminatelife

As the young company enters its 4th year in business, Dr. Lehman reports exponential growth of almost 300% in 2020. Although supply chain interruptions are not uncommon these days due to the impacts of COVID-19, reordering her packaging has been easy. “I chose Paper Tube Co. for their pricing, customer service, timely responses, and helpful staff,” says Dr. Lehman. We’re happy to be helping this physician-developed business to thrive at a time when people need all the balance and support they can get to be and feel well.

Liz Lehmanphoto by


"I chose Paper Tube Co. because I needed elegant, eye-catching, user-friendly packaging that would protect the fragile contents. I also wanted a U.S.-based company for ease of design, ordering, and customer service. I love EVERYTHING about these packages."
–Dr. Liz Lehman, Founder & CEO, Aluminate Life


The Technical Stuff:
    • Custom 3-Piece Tubes with a 7mm Exposed Lip
    • Rolled Edges Top, Bottom, and Lip
    • White Coated Paper Wrap + Spiral White Core + Hand Wrapped Lip
    • Soft Touch Lamination
    • Multiple Sizes with Multiple SKUS
    • Printed Lip with Foil Stamping
    • CMYK Printing + Gold Foil Stamping
    • Candle: 130mm Outside Height x 101mm Inner Diameter
    • Roller: 132mm Outside Height x 22mm Inside Diameter
    • Diffuser:  131mm Outer Height x 98mm Inner Diameter
    • Tincture: 133mm Outside Height x 36mm Inside Diameter
    Aluminate Life Diffuserphoto by @aluminatelife
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