Tips for Tubes: Intermediate Production Design

by Ricardo Gomez July 01, 2022

If you have a good grasp on the ins and outs of tube design, and are looking for additional information on some of the more detailed aspects of production design, then Tips for Tubes is perfect for you! A quick read through our handy tip list before taking on any dielines might save you some last minute edits in the future.

Wrapping patterns around seams is tough. Avoid alignment by using design elements that don't interfere with seam wrapping tolerances.

It's easier to align artwork that's smaller. Optically, tolerance variations are more noticeable the closer they are to the edges.

Plans change, sometimes swapping from uncoated to coated papers mid-project will force you to swap pantone colors. Prepare yourself by using global colors from the get-go.

There are alignment tolerances across the horizontal (base/cap) seam, so go with the flow, and use a layout that doesn't rely on important elements lining up across the horizontal seams.

Use the discs as a reference for the visual "face" of the tube.

Split the circumference in half for front and back alignment guides. *Scoot over your artwork slightly to avoid seam areas for a clear visible front.

The dielines provided are set up in a way that vertically aligns lip artwork to base & cap artwork.

Don't use conflicting substrates. It’s easier to spot differences when comparing two different processes.

Consider the synergy between specialty features. Some options don't work at all, and others are a great match. Here's a compatibility list for "Specialty Stacking".

Synergetic: Emboss/Deboss + Foil, Spot UV + Printing.

Incompatible: Spot UV + Emboss/Deboss, Spot UV + Foil. 

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