Fasted Athlete: Driven By A Greater Purpose

by David Molo December 15, 2023

Even if you’re not a serious athlete, you’re likely familiar with the crowded landscape of the supplement industry. On the shelves of any natural food store, you’ll find hundreds of competing brands claiming to boost health and optimize performance both at the gym and in daily life. Even if you’re not a serious athlete, you’re likely familiar with the crowded landscape of the supplement industry. Formulations vary widely, which can lead to overwhelmed and confused consumers.

So, marketing your product to attract the customers who need what you’re selling requires clarity and confidence. According to Fasted Athlete founder Kevin Young, one of the biggest challenges as a supplement company is educating prospective customers about what a supplement actually does versus what they believe it does based on biases and outdated or even inaccurate information.

The Backstory

After a decade of experience in the insurance industry working long and stressful hours, Young found himself reaching for energy drinks daily just to get through his exhaustive workload. He knew there had to be a healthier way. Based on years of experimentation with nutrition, exercise, and supplementation, he created a unique formula using four simple, yet effective, ingredients combined in a minimalistic manner. 

The Fasted Athlete supplement was born from the desire to provide busy professionals and athletes with an all-in-one capsule to enhance both mental acuity and physical performance without the dreaded crash. However, the brand vision extends far beyond individual gains. Young believes that achieving personal health goals with integrity leads to a greater capacity to show up and contribute value to your tribe, team, or community. He sees health as a means of becoming empowered to have a positive impact, not just of looking and feeling better. “We wanted to give people a boost in an effort to help them be forces for good wherever they may be,” explains Young.

Finding the Right Package

For Young, the packaging he chose for such an exceptional product had to reflect this larger purpose. He tried samples using materials such as glass, aluminum, and plastic, but nothing quite captured the essence of the brand. When he finally landed on The Paper Tube Co., Kevin immediately sensed he’d found the right partner. The Paper Tube Co. team was professional, responsive, and truly understood his vision from the start. The tactile nature and range of finishes possible with paper tubes seemed perfect to help his innovative product stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The final design is elegant and bold, with raised embossing, silver foil accents to add dimension, and a unique lid. The entire package is designed to stand out, encouraging customers on their purpose-driven health and fitness journeys. The one-of-a-kind paper tube packaging mirrors the brand’s unique approach to supplements and makes a memorable first impression on health-conscious consumers looking for supplements rooted in meaning and integrity.

More than Paper Tubes

At the Paper Tube Co., we love helping our customers make packaging an integral part of their brand story. To learn more about how environmentally responsible custom-designed paper tubes can level up your customer experience, get in touch. Our team is ready to bring your vision to life with beautiful, sustainable packaging that represents the values of your business in the best way possible.

Get Started

“The Paper Tube Co. team is amazing. Previous to this, we worked with five different designers and packaging companies. None of them could deliver like your team. They understood our vision right away, communicated effectively, and executed promptly. An all-star performance.”
– Kevin Young, Founder of Fasted Athlete

The Technical Stuff

Custom 1-Piece CR Tube
    • Rolled Edge Bottom
    • CR Cap
    • White Inside Wrap
    • White Coated Paper
    • Matte Lamination
    • Pantone Printing
    • Silver Foil Stamping
Custom Corrugated Shipper
    • White Coated Paper
    • Matte Lamination
    • Pantone Printing
    • Spot UV
Custom Packet
    • Matte Lamination
    • Pantone Printing
    • Silver Foil Stamping