Delivered with Personality & Style: Aura Candles

by David Molo November 19, 2020

In a marketplace filled with hobby businesses that start up with excitement and passion—co-founders Chelsea and Jasmine were determined to set the course of their Carlsbad, CA-based candle company on a sustainable path with a solid foundation. When they launched Aura Candles in 2009, they delved deep into the science behind the craft while forging strong relationships with leading perfumers to develop high-quality, custom scents found nowhere else. From day one, they committed to creating a unique product line of candles customers would be delighted to bring into their homes. 

Their shared passion for luxury fragrances and perfectionist tendencies have allowed the two best friends to build a successful business with a distinctly minimalist and modern brand aesthetic. When it was time to upgrade packaging, Paper Tube Co. was the perfect fit. Knowing that most product packaging ends up in the recycling bin, or even worse the landfill, Chelsea and Jasmine opted for a sturdier, premium option that would mirror their brand while encouraging customers to upcycle their tubes. Their conscientious customers did not disappoint. Aura Candles regularly receives photos of the creative uses customers find for their branded tubes once the candles have been unboxed. From paper clip holders to make-up brush storage, Aura Candles paper tubes are upleveling desk-tops and vanities everywhere while keeping the hip brand top-of-mind. 

Cutting corners was never an option for Chelsea and Jasmine, so choosing packaging that fully aligned with their brand identity was a decision they made carefully. They found the design process to be well worth the effort and are very satisfied with how well their packing represents the clean, simple, luxury aesthetic of their products. With their paper tube packaging making a lasting impression in households across the country and a brand new commercial office space to grow into, Aura Candles is manifesting big things in the coming years. 

"Paper Tube Co. has been a pleasure to work with! The talented design team has worked closely with us to elevate the look and quality of our packaging. Their communication is timely, professional, and friendly. We highly recommend Paper Tube Co.!"

Jasmine & Chelsea, co-founders, AURA Candles

The Technical Stuff:

  • Custom 3-Piece Tube with an exposed lip
  • Rolled Edges Top, Bottom, and Lip
  • White Coated Paper Wrap + Spiral White Core + Hand Wrapped Lip
  • Matte Lamination
  • Everyday  Candles : CMYK Printing + Black Foil Stamping
  • Holiday Candles: CMYK Printing + Metallic Pantone Spot Color Printing
  • Full Bleed Artwork + Inner Printing
  • Printed Label & Registration Guides