Launching a Global Recreational Cannabis Brand: Jacana

by David Molo October 05, 2020

The stars aligned for Jacana, a pioneering global medical cannabis company, when it decided to bring Jamaican grown cannabis to both the Jamaican and world market. Cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, and distribution were all well covered, but it needed to solidify an identity to effectively launch its cannabis brand.

Jacana Paper Tube Co

Jacana embarked on a initiative to develop an iconic lifestyle brand that would represent the company mission and uphold its values, while distinguishing itself from the highly competitive crowd. It turned to Paper Tube Co for distinctive, eco-friendly packaging that would replace plastic containers with a unique presentation and engaging experience. 

Jacana Flower Tubes Paper Tube Co

Paper Tube worked quickly to provide a turnkey solution for Jacana, from concept to delivery. Jacana’s package design utilizes colors and graphics that showcase the brand and evoke a sense of premium quality, with various sizes for flower, rolled flower, vape pen and vape cartridge products. Knowing Jacana is a major champion of environmentally sustainable practices, Paper Tube Co’s recyclable and reusable materials were a natural fit and immediately well-received during prototyping for a short turnaround of manufacturing and fulfillment of a total packaging solution.  

Jacana Close Up Paper Tube Co

Today, with Paper Tube Co, Jacana can continue transforming what was once an unregulated market into a powerful solution — with a recognizable brand and functional packaging — for clientele across the world.

“Working with a value-driven company like Paper Tube allowed us to reimagine packaging with sustainability at the forefront. Our collaboration with Paper Tube Co has allowed us to create a visual identity for the brand that is truly memorable and contribute to creating a unique experience for our customers when they unbox and use our products.” 
—Prem Patel, Global Commercial Manager

Jacana Box Paper Tube Co

The Technical Stuff:

  • Custom 3-Piece Tube with Flush-Fit Cap
  • Rolled Edges Top, Bottom, and Lip
  • White Uncoated Paper Wrap + Spiral White Core + PE Lining
  • Matte Varnish
  • Spot Color Pantone Printing + Debossing + Foil Stamping
  • Full Bleed Artwork + Inner Printing
  • EVA Foam Inserts
  • Four sizes with four separate color-schemes
  • Also produced pre-roll boxes in addition to tubes.
    Jacana Tubes Paper Tube Co