Natural, Simple, Elemental: Saalt

by David Molo January 13, 2021

When a business is born out of a desire to solve worldwide problems, passion and creativity tend to lead the way. When loved ones face those challenges, the mission accelerates and magic unfolds. When Cherie Hoeger learned that relatives facing severe political instability in Venezuela had no access to common necessities such as pads and tampons, the wheels started turning and a brilliant solution evolved. As her passion for sustainability merged with her no-nonsense practicality, Cherie envisioned a product to encourage women all over the world to move away from disposable period products in favor of an environmentally friendly solution. Enter the Saalt Menstrual Cup.

Saalt Cup Single
photo by Saalt @saalt

“Our goal is to make reusable period care the default option while empowering women to live with confidence,” explains Saalt co-founder Jon Hoeger. Educating the public about reusable period underwear and menstrual cups while helping to break taboos around women’s reproductive health is just the beginning for Saalt. The Boise, Idaho company is driven by a mission that includes partnerships supporting ethical labor practices, fair wages, renewable energy, clean water, and sustainable manufacturing. 

A commitment to giving back is baked into the business model as well. As a certified B-corp, 2% is given back to support global initiatives in menstrual health, education, and sustainability. “We know our consumer base recognizes our commitment to quality in our products because of the way they experience our packaging,” says Hoeger. “Most consumers decide on a purchase in a fraction of a second. There’s very little you can do that is more impactful than instilling confidence with premium packaging.”

Saalt Cup Double
photo by Saalt @saalt

The Saalt team considered several other packaging options before landing on paper tubes. Traditional boxes, slider boxes, and card wallet styles topped the list, but the natural, organic beauty of our paper tubes was a perfect match for the company’s brand. “Just as period cycles are organic, natural parts of life, our branding is inspired by the simple, elemental beauty of nature,” says Hoeger. “We wanted to stand out in the consumer’s eye and destigmatize conversations about period care.” Hoeger believes great presentation can turn great ideas into unstoppable movements. Clearly, the numbers reflect a bright future for Saalt. 

Since its launch in February of 2018, the company reports diverting more than one million disposable tampons and pads from landfills while donating over 18,500 menstrual cups to women worldwide. “We have the highest performing products with the best customer support in the industry,” boasts Hoeger. “Our goal is to elevate and expand our reach by opening up new retail channels that have never carried period care products before.” As the movement grows, we’re proud to be a part of their story.

Saalt Period Underwear Display

photo by Saalt @saalt

"Paper Tube isn’t just another vendor; we see them as a strategic partner and a critical part of our supply chain. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our premium packaging has helped Saalt generate instant credibility and trust with our commitment to quality."
—Jon Hoeger, President and Co-founder, Saalt
Saalt Period Underwearphoto by Saalt @saalt

The Technical Stuff:

    • Custom 3-Piece Tube With a Flush Cap Fit
    • Rolled Edges Top, Bottom, and Lip
    • White Uncoated Paper Wrap + Spiral White Core + Hand Wrapped Lip
    • Matte Varnish
    • Removable Paper Insert
    • Clear Window on the Top Disc
    • Multiple sized product line with separate color-schemes
    • Also produced  period underwear packaging & shipping boxes in addition to tubes.
    • Full Bleed Artwork

photo by Saalt @saalt