Paper Birdfeeder Workshop

by Ricardo Gomez July 27, 2020

We are always looking for creative ways to reuse our tubes around the home, office or just for fun! One of our favorite ways to re-purpose tubes is to build a paper bird feeder. If you have some tubes, give it a try!



Step 1:

POP! The top disc off of your tube by pushing down on it, and set it aside. Don’t throw it out just yet as we will use this piece for the following steps.

Step 2:

Grab a marker, and place half of the tube disc that you just popped off on the bottom of the tube. This will be your diecut template.

Once you’ve marked your diecut area, very carefully use a pair of scissors or a knife to cut a hole along the bottom of your tube. Please be cautious, remember to always cut away from your hands and body! 

Step 3:

Tear off the piece you cut, and push the top disc that you saved halfway inside the bottom of the tube!

Step 4:

Grab a string or a rope and tape the ends to your tube. Make sure to really reinforce the string, so that it holds when you add seeds!

Fill it up, hang it up. Place it in your favorite place, and wait for some birds to visit!

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