Paper Tube Co. Papermaking DIY

by Paper Tube Co. April 04, 2022

It's true that our paper tubes are 100% biodegradable, but it doesn't stop us from finding creative ways to reuse them. Our papermaking DIY walkthrough demonstrates zero waste packaging in action. Watch as we take regular paper tubes and turn them into artisanal kraft paper, perfect for drawings, personalized notes and letters.

Step 1: Cut/Rip paper in small pieces and soak in water.
Step 2: Blend paper with water until it becomes pulp
Step 3: Fill container with 4-5 in of water
Step 4: Pour pulp into container
Step 5: Lower frame into water and gently agitate to move pulp to top of container
Step 6: Lift frame out of water
Step 7: Open frame and place single mesh sheet in between the frame
Step 8: Pat dry with sponge
Step 9: Remove wet pulp from frame single mesh sheet side down
Step 10: Let pulp air dry on felt
Step 11: Press under book to flatten

 @Papermaking Kit