Pucks Cookies & Treats: Life’s Too Short to Delay Your Dreams

by Paper Tube Co. February 24, 2022

Anyone familiar with Las Vegas knows how fiercely passionate the community is about hockey. When the 2020 pandemic hit, home-baker and hockey-lover Jenny Edington figured life was way too short to delay her dreams. Channeling her love of cookies into an exciting new business venture fueled by her community’s dedication to the Vegas Golden Knights hockey, Jenny landed on a brilliant concept: hockey puck-shaped cookies nestled perfectly inside custom Paper Tubes designed to deliver sweet treats to cookie lovers all over the country.

“We love our tubes,” exclaims Jenny. “Our puck-shaped cookies stack very well and tubes are such a fun way to receive something special. We were looking for a design that would be fun, vibrant, and exciting to open.” Paper Tubes fit the bill, and online shoppers can now order Pucks Cookies to be delivered nationwide. The flagship Henderson, Nevada, store opened this spring with multiple locations soon to follow. 

Like so many in her community, Jenny was rattled by the 2017 Route 91 Music Festival shooting in Las Vegas. She was also struck by the resilience demonstrated by so many in the wake of a tragedy so close to home. “Our Vegas Golden Knights fought their way to the Stanley Cup Playoffs, making NHL history,” says Jenny. “Cheering them on helped heal our city. We became unified and restored with hope.” 

This mark of resilience was echoed as Jenny and her community experienced tough times in the wake of COVID-19. “Opening Pucks Cookies is helping us to do something that reminds locals of our resilience as a city.”

"We love how bold and vibrant our Paper Tubes are."
–Jenny Lynne Edington, founder, Pucks Cookies & Treats

The Technical Stuff:

  • Custom 3-Piece Tube With a Straight Edge Lip
  • Rolled Edges Top, and Bottom
  • Straight Edge Lip
  • White Paper + Spiral White Core + Hand Wrapped Lip
  • Matte Lamination Finish
  • Spot Color Printing
  • Full Bleed Artwork
  • Delicious Cookies
  • 247mm Outside Height x 85mm Inner Diameter


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    Website: puckscookies