Quick Start Guide: Tubes 101

by David Molo January 24, 2019

This quick start guide is for anyone, and everyone. We wanted to offer a brief introduction to those interested in learning more about our packaging, so consider this Tubes 101 and we’re your professor. Our FAQ covers everything you need to know, but visuals can provide a more comprehensive and in-depth look. Without further ado, welcome to our world.

Paper Tube Infographic


We currently offer ready-made and fully custom tubes. These categories offer different perks, and one option might suit your brand better than the other.

Our ready-made tubes have a set number of styles and predetermined sizes and colors. There is no minimum order quantity and you can purchase as little as one. These tubes are ready to be shipped same or next business day.

In contrast, our fully custom tubes have unlimited options for styles, sizes, and colors. Customization for these orders is endless, but due to setup time and costs, there is a 1000 piece minimum order quantity. Mass production time ranges based on quantity and customization, but is typically 4-6 weeks.

Many of the following mentioned features are only available for our custom orders, however our ready-made tubes do offer a solid selection of colors in our most popular 3-piece style.

Paper tubes come in three distinct styles: 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece with multiple end options available for each: flat edges, rolled edge (most popular), and metal/plastic plugs.

The tubes are spiral wound out of 100% paper and water-based glue. Spiral cores are made out of kraft, white, or black paper. Outer paper wrapping, which gets printed with your artwork, can be either coated, uncoated, or specialty and finished with varnish or lamination. Here's a handy chart on substrates and finishes:

✦ White Coated (works best with Matte, Gloss, or Soft Touch Lamination)
✦ White Uncoated (works best with Matte or Gloss Varnish)
✦ Kraft Uncoated (works best with Matte or Gloss Varnish)
✦ Black Uncoated (works best with Matte or Gloss Varnish)
✦ Specialty Paper (leather, cloth, textured, hemp, bamboo, etc.)

✦ Matte Varnish (works best with uncoated substrates, but can be applied to anything)
✦ Gloss Varnish (works best with uncoated substrates, but can be applied to anything)
✦ Matte Lamination (works best with coated substrates)
✦ Gloss Lamination (works best with coated substrates)
✦ Soft Touch Lamination (works best with coated substrates)

For mass-produced custom orders we print offset (litho). Offset printing can be either CMYK or spot-color Pantone (coated, uncoated, metallic). We can also do digital printing which is CMYK only.

Additionally, we offer foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and spot UV, as well as other types of add-ons including paper and foam inserts, food-grade and cosmetics-grade linings, die cuts, PVC windows, shaker tops and much more. Options are truly limited only by your imagination. Made from scratch to your specifications, these custom tubes will be uniquely yours.