Radiant Skin at Any Age

by Paper Tube Co. October 27, 2021

Danielle Sansregret has always had a passion for the world of cosmetics—so when her dad, a biologist, started Belluzzi, a science-based skincare company, it wasn’t a stretch to imagine she’d be the one to bring it back 15 years later. “As far back as I can remember, I’ve wanted my own business,” explains Danielle. “My dad had to set this project aside years ago, and now that I have my business degree I’m ready to give power back to women, to help them mature with comfort and grace by taking control of their aging skin.”

With the help of her father, Danielle is breathing new life into the plant-based skincare product line. “Our inherent aging rhythm has been hastened by modern life,” says Danielle, “But it can be revived, repaired, and maintained by reaping the benefits of science and nature.” In a competitive industry, Danielle knows keeping the focus on their unique value proposition is key. That’s why the Quebec-based business uses seven active plant-based ingredients—which they grow, harvest, and extract themselves—proven to slow the aging of the skin and nurture it back to its natural rhythm. “The plant extracts were chosen from 15,000 clinically tested plant samples,” explains Danielle. “No other product on the market contains our extracts!”

When it came to choosing packaging, Danielle was looking for a chic, clean, simple yet eye-catching look and could be recycled by the customer, an important selling point for customers looking to reduce their carbon footprint. “We wanted to be sure Belluzzi stood out on the shelves,” says Danielle. “Every other bottle of anti-aging cream comes in a rectangular box. Choosing a paper tube was a very original choice.” As the company gains traction in Canada, Danielle and her father are looking forward to developing the product line and selling internationally, knowing that women’s desire to restore harmony and balance to the skin is universal. “Beauty isn’t just about looking younger,” suggests Danielle. “It’s about feeling radiant at any age.”

"I never thought I would experience customer service as great as this! I first fell in love with the paper tubes, then with the whole Paper Tube Co. team. Peggy was so warm and friendly from the start, and Sarah helped with the process of creating the final product."
–Danielle Sansregret, Belluzzi

The Technical Stuff:
  • Custom 3-Piece Tube With Flush Fit Cap
  • Rolled Edges Top & Bottom
  • Straight Edge Lip
  • Spiral Black Core & Inside Wrap + Hand Wrapped Lip
  • White Uncoated Paper
  • Matte Varnish
  • Spot Color Printing
  • Full Bleed Artwork
  • Anti Aging Cream
  • 153mm Outside Height x 36mm Inner Diameter