Scents to Elevate Your Experience of the World

by Paper Tube Co. June 15, 2021

Juan Felipe believes wellness products don’t need to be too serious or overly focused on a beige-minimalist aesthetic to be effective. A certified aromatherapist and self-taught perfumer, Juan started Shocks of Love in an attempt to bring color into the wellness industry and infuse more fun into a zen lifestyle. Their all-natural, organic, vegan Scent Rituals product line includes a number of mood-boosting and sleep-enhancing aromatherapy blends with packaging designed to differentiate and delight.

“We embarked on this branding project as a psychedelic tableau based on experimental in-house photography, which we color-enhanced to visualize our company's mission of bringing color into wellness,” says Felipe. “We’re bringing an embodied, meditative approach to the fragrance and beauty industry while championing a new path.”

In an industry dominated by big-budget corporations, Felipe and the Shocks of Love team are challenging the status quo. “We’re changing the way people relate to scent,” suggests Felipe. Their independent brand is influenced by the queer and Latinx identities of its founders, busting societal norms with a commitment to sustainability in the process.  

When it came time to choose packaging that aligned with their brand, they took a minimalist approach to their carbon footprint, while embodying a maximalist approach to color and texture in the design. “Our goal was to find form and beauty within chaos,” explains Felipe. “We incorporated playful, colorful pastels by digitally enhancing an analog, psychedelic photograph to reflect the full-color spectrum.” Felipe’s desire was to create an aesthetic for Shocks of Love rooted in shifting and growing one’s point of view while encouraging a playful, authentic pivot away from the standard perspectives embraced by the industry. Their recycled Paper Tubes look fabulous on the shelf and are easily repurposed by customers to keep the Shock of Love vibes flowing.

photo by @shocksoflove

“When it came to designing our in-store packaging, we wanted a tube shape to refine both the feel and look of our product—something both sturdy and protective for carrying the product with you, that also looks chic standing on a shelf. We wanted something that a customer would actually want to keep and could even see themselves repurposing.”
Juan Felipe, Founder & Creative Director, Shocks of Love
The Technical Stuff:
    • Custom 3-Piece Tube With a Flush Cap Fit
    • Rolled Edges Top, Bottom, and Lip
    • Specialty Paper + Spiral White Core + Hand Wrapped Lip
    • Specialty White Pearl Paper
    • Matte Varnish Finish
    • Soy Ink Printing
    • CMYK Printing
    • Full Bleed Artwork With a White Knockout
    • 50mL Fragrance Spray Bottle 
    • 155mm Outside Height x 55mm Inner Diameter
photo by @shocksoflove