Child-Resistant Vape Wide Push-Up Tube (1PC) - Kraft

Price Breaks 1-2 Cartons 3-4 Cartons 5-9 Cartons 10+ Cartons
Per Carton $99.50 USD $83.00 USD $76.00 USD $69.00 USD
Per Tube $0.99 USD $0.83 USD $0.76 USD $0.69 USD
Price Breaks Per Carton Per Tube
1-2 Carton $99.50 USD $0.99 USD
3-4 Carton $83.00 USD $0.83 USD
5-9 Carton $76.00 USD $0.76 USD
10 Carton $69.00 USD $0.69 USD
6400 tubes available
Total $3.41

Need sealing labels?

Round Clear Labels, 25mm, Perforated (Roll of 1000)
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View product details
  • Our ready-made patented CR paper tubes are a perfect dispensary packaging companion for your product. Add printing or full-color custom labels bearing your branding and ensure that your product gets noticed on the store shelf or at the next party. Use these customized child-resistant paper cylinders to coordinate with your eco-conscious business marketing campaign and your company will make a big impression.

    Made using FSC certified, recycled, compostable, and naturally biodegradable materials. Recyclable and reusable. Food-contact safe.

    Ideal for vape cartridges, disposable vape pens, and whatever your twisted little heart desires.

  • Outer Dims
    • Outer Height: 100mm (3.94")
    • Outer Diameter: 41mm (1.61")
    • Outer Circumference: 128.8mm (5.07")
    Inner Dims
    • Estimated Inner Height: 92mm (3.62")
    • Inner Diameter: 40mm (1.57")
    • Usable Inner Height: 72mm (2.83")
    • Fill Volume: 3.06 US fl. oz
    Packing Details
    • Quantity per Carton: 100 pcs
    • Carton Dims: 44cm (18") x 23cm (10") x 24cm (10")
    • Carton Gross Weight: 2.98kg (6.57 lbs)
    Material Specs
    • Paper Specs: Natural kraft uncoated outside, white inside, white core
    • Inner Lining: None
    • CR Mechanism: ABS plastic CR cap and ring. Independent lab tested and CPSC compliant (child-safe / adult-friendly).
    • Add-Ons: White EVA foam insert.
    • Application: Secure product inside foam insert. Snap-close CR cap. Twist cap and align with matching notch on ring, lift cap to open. Push up bottom disc to elevate product for easy removal. When ready to discard, stomp on tube to separate plastic ring from paper tube. Remove foam insert. Recycle separately.